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Newsletter Settimana 02/05/2023

La vera storia del peccato originale

Adamo and Eva don't ebber the time to exprimer the godiment that the tuons and fulmins apparved in the sky and one voice said: "Adamo, Eva, come here! I'm very disgusted with you! How did you permit yourself to touch the Nutella?” "Didn't you remember that it was prohibited?" "..azz..!" esclamed Adamo "It was prohibited!" Oh, sorry, God, I'm very very sorry, I really really was completely scordat..." And God said "Don't do the fint tont, Adamo, I'm God, I can see everything, very tutt, and I know that you and the woman have deliberatament assaggiated the Nutella. So, you have a big punhition, a very castig for your peccat. But siccom I'm sconfinatly good, you can choose, you have two scelts: "Scelt number 1: nothing Nutella for ever and ever in the secols of the secols!" "Nooo!" Eva was piagnucoling "It's a thing very tragic, very very tra-gic!" "Aspett!" said God "Don't be frettolous woman... "Scelt number 2: you can take the Nutella, no problem, let's prend, prend, but for you is the cacciation out of the Paradais. You will have to lavorar with the sudor of your front, you will zapp the terr, you'll have mal of schien and, like this don't bastass, everytime you will mang Nutella, the malediction of the brufols, of the mal of panch, of the cacarel will be cadent on you." "Ah?!" esclaimed Adamo "Thank you God, thank you, we don't interess the cacciation dal Paradais, the important is to have the Nutella! "Goodbye! Ciao, ciao!" And so Adamo and Eva were cacciated and this original peccat and this malediction cadded on lor and on lor discendents, and on the discendents of the discendents.

Di End

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