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Newsletter Settimana 17/04/2023

La vera storia del peccato originale

Once upon a time, many, many, many, ma many years ago, at the beginning of the initiation of the world, there was the caos. One day, God had a folgorant idea and created the Nutella. And God saw that the Nutella was good, very good, very very good. God manged one million of barattols of Nutella sfrutting the fact that God has not a Mamma that strills if you sbaff too much Nutella.

After of which (dopodiche') he created Adamo ed Eva and all the paradais and he diss to Adamo and Eva: now you have all the Paradais; you can do everything, very tutt; you have the permission to eat, to drink, to kiss, nothing lavor, nothing affit, nothing concors, nothing cod alla post, nothing IRPEF, IRES, IRAP etcetera etcetera. Only very ozious life: television, telenovels, football, films, Netflix, TV series, and cetera and cetera. You have gratis restaurants, cinemas, theaters, all the Paradais is yours: air-conditioned, riscaldament, moquette, parquett, tresset, bidet, omelette, etcetera, etcetera. There's just one thing, remember: in tutt the Paradais just one thing is absolutely prohibited. Come, come to me in the garden dissed God: this is "the Nocciola, the tree of the Nutella. Only this alber of the Nutella is prohibited, because I like the Nutella very much, very very much and I want all the Nutella, tutt the Nutella for me, only for me."

End of Part Uan

stefano benatti

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