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Newsletter Settimana 26/04/2023

La vera storia del peccato originale

During the prim temps, Adamo and Eva stetter very happy. Adamo said: "What a cool!" ("cool" is not in Italian "caldo", no. But what does “cool” mean? It means: "Che cul"). "All the Paradais is nostr!" And every day, ognigiorn, they discovered something new. A lot of scoperts. One day the scopert was of the hot water, one day the scopert was of the spaghettis, one day the cigarettes, and cetera and cetera. But one day, a trist day, a very very trist day, Adamo and Eva fecer the scopert of the first colazion, that they called “breakfast”. And after the scopert of the cappuccino, the scopert of the aranch succ, the scopert of the cornetts, they understood that something was mancant. "Eva!" said Adamo “Don't you think that qualcos is mancant here, proprio here, on this fett of pan?”. "Second me" Eva risposed "on the fett of pan you have to metter burr and marmelade." "No, no Eva, you know that the marmelade schif me. I want on this fett something very particular, very very particular. "What do you think about the Nutella?" "No, Adamo you are scording that God said that's vietat!". "Yes, I remember, but only a little assaggiation, don't succed nothing!" And Adamo sces (in the sens of goes down) in the garden where the alber of the Nutella was and he pres a small barattol and spalmed the brown cream on the fett of pan and they assagged the Nutella.

End of Part Tu

stefano benatti

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